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Intuitive Massage for Natural Pain Relief

"No man ever steps in the save river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." -Heraclitus

Every day your body and your energy are different. Even moment to moment your body is shifting, always making adjustments to maintain homeostasis. Oftentimes that means your body is actively trying to maintain your current pain pattern. 

I work with your body to correct your pain patterns and develop more balanced body mechanics. I do not create a static healing protocol, allowing your energy to guide each session in order to give you exactly the massage you need every time.

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Bodywork is not only for what physically ails us. One hour of massage has been proven to be equivalent to four hours of sleep. Massage also encourages your body to switch to a parasympathetic state improving digestion, circulation, lymphatic drainage for improved waste elimination, as well as lowering the cortisol level thus improving your future sleep. "[It's] not just the physical rejuvenation; but the calmness, clarity and focus that is restored in my head." -Gary S.


Creaky back? Tight neck? Migraines or Carpal Tunnel? Chronic pain is often the result of poor posture, repetitive motions, long-term tension, and myofascial imbalance. Skillful soft tissue manipulation is affordable, non-invasive, and helps relieve pain from the root cause.

No two bodies are the same, so no two massages should be the same. From my in-depth intake to the final touch, my personalized healing process focuses on creating lasting healing in YOUR body.


In every session, with each individual, I allow your body to be the guide. I do not create a standardized protocol because each person and each day is different and we all move at our own pace. As we make progress we will find new layers and patterns that were previously unseen. I never know what will come up and allowing things to shift and change as they will; even down to my pandora station, is where the magic lies.

Natural Pain Relief is my Passion!

When I went to massage school I was scared for Anatomy and Kinesiology assuming it would be difficult and laborious. Yet, when the time came it was...surprisingly...easy. In fact I loved it!

Then I learned about Structural Integration. the process of realigning the body and correcting the posture. After that I became like a detective, seeking out the underlying causes and restrictions keeping my clients in their unhealthy pain patterns. It's as if I'm a sculptor able to gently reshape and manipulate the body back into balance and alignment; naturally relieving their tension and chronic pain.

I've had clients cancel their appointment with the orthopedic surgeon because their tendonitis was finally healed. And others, living with scoliosis, consistently reporting their pain is gone (while I can noticeably see the decrease in curvature over the course of our relationship). These things inspire me to continue my work every single day!

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Massage Tailored to Fit YOU

I know the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue so you don't have to! I work intuitively with your body, allowing your energy and my hands to guide me.

Allow yourself to drift away, knowing you're in a safe, nurturing environment as my finely-tuned senses pick up on all your areas of stress and tension. Then I draw on my years of experience and numerous techniques to release long-held patterns and restore balance, while slow rhythmic strokes and gentle rocking lull you into a state of deep relaxation.

I flow with your body to ease away the soreness and tight muscles. Intentional movements and precisely sustained pressure enables me to work deeply without causing pain. You will feel the difference after one session and will achieve progressive results with regularly scheduled appointments.

At IHA my services are all-inclusive. This means that you don't pay extra for cupping or hot stones, and I get to use all of my tools, knowledge, and experience in every session to provide you with the best, most healing experience possible. I also book 30 minutes between each client, so you don't have to feel rushed at any point. We always have plenty of time for a thorough intake as well as discuss your questions, concerns, and recommendations based on what I noticed during your session.

If you prefer a particular style or pressure, let me know, my ultimate goal is for YOU to have the best massage possible.

My Training and Certifications currently include:

BodyMind Coaching - Statements like “pain in the neck” and “weight of the world on your shoulders” aren’t just figurative. Our daily stressors are very literally stored in our bodies. This combination of bodywork and coaching gives a voice to your body, allowing us to unlock a deeper level of healing.

Cayce/Reilly Massage - Long sweeping strokes and palm presses calm your nerves and ease away tension. Deeply rooted in psychic and scientific holistic healing, this practice was intentionally designed to rejuvenate the soft tissues, increase circulation, improve range of motion, and relax the nervous system. By bringing the body to a Parasympathetic (relaxation) state, we enable your body to heal itself.

I frequently utilize structural integration, myofascial release, medical massage, and occasional deep tissue techniques. I have a firm pressure; however, I do not perform full body deep tissue massage as it tends to keep your body in a stress response (Sympathetic) state which blocks the healing process.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Under normal healthy conditions, the lymphatic system (a major player in your immune system) is continuously flushing waste products from your system. Massage helps to increase circulation as well as lymphatic drainage. But sometimes, such as during post-operative recovery, our body needs extra help to flush out the lymphatic system. This is where MLD comes into play. This gentle yet precise work speeds healing and aids your body in recovery. It helps your body control the painful (yet necessary) inflammation process and reduces swelling. Anything from a torn ligament to a joint replacement or plastic surgery can benefit significantly from this specialty healing massage.

Reiki Master - The delicate, yet powerful energy of Reiki flows through me, to you, creating a deep state of relaxation and restoration. Energy transcends space or time, so Reiki can be performed at a distance, sent to traumatic times in your past, or events you want support with in the future.

Hot Salt Stones - Luxurious hot stones dance across your body in this decadent massage. Heat is a powerful tool I regularly use to release tense muscles, increase circulation and promote relaxation.

Bamboo Massage - Bamboo sticks become an extension of my hands to help quickly and deeply release large muscle groups.

Modern Cupping Therapy - Soothing cups draw the tightness and pain out of your body using negative pressure, reviving your body in ways positive pressure massage can’t.

Cups can be:

  • Placed in a stationary pattern along the spine
  • Moved lightly in specific patterns over your entire body to aid in lymphatic drainage
  • Strategically combined with stretches and range of motion to target specific pain patterns and assist fascial release
  • To soften and, with consistent use, reduce the appearance of scar tissue

Please Note: Cupping can leave marks since it is bringing stagnant fluids and residual debris towards the surface for your lymphatic system to flush out of your body. It is not a bruise and should not be painful.

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