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Massage Therapy for the Body, Mind, & Soul!

Life is stressful. Your self-care should be simple!

Bodywork for Womxn who Desire More in Their Lives

When did life get reduced to a series of lists? To Do list, grocery list, school supplies, and sports calendars. Making all the decisions all the time for all the people.

Wasn't life supposed to be about more!? You had BIG dreams but instead it's a whirlwind of dinner time, bath time, and bedtime. And your only ME time is a glass of wine and becoming one with the couch.

How long are you willing to let this cycle continue?

Let Someone Take Care of YOU for a Change!

Drift away and become one with my massage table instead.

My intuitive massage process will heal and care for your mind, body, and soul on a level unlike any other. I connect to your body on an energetic level to help heal your stress and pain from a deeper place.

No Kids. No distractions. No decisions. Just pure, sweet bliss!

All you have to say is YES!

WARNING! Side effects may include: More Joy, More Passion, Deeper Healing, and Increased Compassion in Your Life, Family, Relationships, and Business!

The Easiest Decision You'll Make All Day!

Do you wish someone would put YOU on Time-Out?

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Intuitive Massage Therapy

Creaky back? Tight neck? Migraines or Carpal Tunnel? Kick the pain pills to the curb and achieve real, holistic healing!

No two bodies are the same, so no two massages should be the same. From my in-depth intake to the final touch, my personalized healing process focuses on creating lasting healing in YOUR body.

Mind*Body*Magic Coaching

Massage is fantastic self-care, but are you tired of going back week after week, month after month trying to "fix" the same pain. Are the same recurring issues plaguing your body day in and day out?

BodyMind Coaching is a cutting edge healing process that creates deep, lasting, powerful healing.

Passionate Purpose

You got into a healing profession to help others, but between long hours at work and a busy life at home, you have no idea where your initial excitement went. Bring the passion back into your practice with my new six week customized coaching program.

Schedule a discovery call to take back the job you LOVE!

Do you ever hear yourself say

But I used to be FUN!

When was the last time you sang in the shower? Or let the music move you? Or did something completely spontaneous?

Hi. I’m Nicole, and I used to be fun too! I used to dance. I used to paint. I even used to play Roller Derby! (but that’s another conversation).

But in the search for a so-called “successful life, job, and relationship, I lost my way and my passion. At 28, I joined the Navy, and for the first time in my life, I had a steady job and a steady income. I met an amazing man and had a beautiful daughter, but life had been reduced to constantly fretting over dishes and bedtime. I wanted to create safety and routine for my child. But instead of creating a structure to thrive within, the responsibilities and restrictions began to constrict my soul!

I found Massage when I left the Navy, and while I love helping others find healing, I was tired, and my body was hurting. Something was still missing.

And then I found BodyMind Coaching. Not only did integrating coaching with massage help my clients, but it also changed my life more than I ever imagined. With my coach behind me, I now had the courage to break free from the prison of own making. I refocused on my dreams, rediscovered my voice, began setting boundaries, and restructured my business in a way that fueled me (instead of leaving me hurting and burned out at the end of the week!). And because I was happier, so was my husband and my daughter.

What would your life look like if you could relight your own fire?

Schedule a free Discovery Call to see how BodyMind Coaching can change your life.

Massage Tailored to Fit YOUR Body

I know the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue so you don't have to. I work intuitively with your body, allowing your energy and my hands to guide me.

Allow yourself to drift away, knowing you’re in a safe, nurturing environment. My finely-tuned senses will pick up on all your areas of stress and tension. Then I draw on my years of experience and numerous techniques to release long-held patterns and restore balance, while slow rhythmic strokes and gentle rocking lull you into a state of deep relaxation.

I flow with your body to ease away the soreness and tight muscles. Intentional movements and precisely sustained pressure enables me to work deeply without being painful. You will feel the difference after one session and will achieve increased results with regularly scheduled appointments.

If you prefer a particular style or pressure, let me know! My ultimate goal is for YOU to have the best massage possible.

My Training and Certifications currently include:

BodyMind Coaching - Statements like “pain in the neck” and “weight of the world on your shoulders” aren’t just figurative. Our daily stressors are very literally stored in our bodies. This combination of bodywork and coaching gives a voice to your body, allowing us to unlock a deeper level of healing.

Don’t leave your worries at the door. Bring them in so we can unpack together, and you can leave with a lighter load! This innovative modality is only available in the Ultimate Healing Session or the Passionate Purpose Program.

Cayce/Reilly Massage - Long sweeping strokes and palm presses calm your nerves and ease away tension. Deeply rooted in psychic and scientific holistic healing, this practice was intentionally designed to rejuvenate the soft tissues, increase circulation, improve range of motion, and relax the nervous system. By bringing the body to a Parasympathetic (relaxation) state, we enable your body to heal itself.

I frequently utilize structural integration, myofascial release, medical massage, and occasional deep tissue techniques. I have a firm pressure; however, I do not perform full body deep tissue massage as it tends to keep your body in a stress response (Sympathetic) state which blocks the healing process.

Reiki Master - The delicate, yet powerful energy of Reiki flows through me, to you, creating a deep state of relaxation and restoration. Energy transcends space or time, so Reiki can be performed at a distance, sent to traumatic times in the past, or events you want support with in the future.

Hot Stone - Luxurious hot stones dance across your body in this decadent massage. The local application of heat increases circulation, promotes relaxation and decreases tension.

Receive a complimentary Hot Stone sample with any session, just ask!

Bamboo Massage - You’ll find profound relaxation as I roll and kneed the tension away. The warmth of the sticks melts away any tightness and pain, and the tools become an extension of my hand in this heavenly massage experience.

Modern Cupping Therapy - Soothing cups draw the tightness and pain out of the body using negative pressure reviving your body in ways positive pressure massage can’t.

Cups can be:

  • Placed in a stationary pattern along the spine
  • Moved lightly in specific patterns over your entire body to aid in lymphatic drainage
  • Strategically combined with stretches and range of motion to target specific issues and assist fascial release
  • To soften and, with consistent use, reduce the appearance of scar tissue

Please Note: Cupping can leave marks since it is bringing old fluids and residual debris towards the surface for the lymphatic system to flush it out of your body. It is not a bruise and should not be painful.

Wise Words from My Clients

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